BODS Training


DELIVERY METHOD Classroom Instructor-led training (CILT)
Online Instructor-led training ( OILT)

Lesson 1. Dataware housing concepts
Describe dimensional modeling

Lesson 2. Understanding Data Integrator
Describe components, management tools, and the development process
Explain object relationship

Lesson 3. Defining source and target metadata
Create a database data store and import metadata
Create a new file format and handle errors in file formats

Lesson 4. Validating, tracing, and debugging jobs
Use description and annotations
Validate and trace jobs
Use view data and the Interactive Debugger

Lesson 5. Creating a batch job
Create a project, job, work flow, and data flow
Use the query transform in a data flow
Use template tables

Lesson 6. Using built-in transforms and nested data
Use the case, merge, and validation transforms
Import metadata from XML documents
Use the XML pipeline in a data flow

Lesson 7. Using built-in functions
Use date and time functions and the date generation transform to build a dimension table
Use the lookup functions to look up status in a table
Use match pattern functions to compare input strings to patterns
Use database type functions to return information on data sources

Lesson 8. Using Data Integrator Scripting Language and Variables
Explain differences between global and local variables
Create global variables and custom functions
Use strings and variables in Data Integrator scripting language

Lesson 9. Capturing Changes in Data
Use Change Data Capture (CDC) with time-stamped sources
Create an initial and delta load job
Use history preserving transform

Lesson 10.Handling errors and auditing
Recover a failed job
Create a manual, recoverable work flow
Define audi points, rules and actions on failures

Lesson 11. Supporting a multi-user environment
Describe terminology and respository types in a multi-user environment
Create and activate the central repository
Work with objects in the central repository

Lesson 12. Migrating Projects
Work with projects in the central repository
Implement and modify group permissions

Lesson 13. Using the Administrator
Add a repository and user roles
Set the job status interval and log retention period
Execute, schedule, and monitor batch jobs
Understand architecture, load balance index, and job execution in server groups

Lesson 14 Profiling Data
Set up the Data Profiler and users
Submit a profiling task
Monitor profiling tasks in the Administrator

Lesson 15. Managing Metadata
Import and export metadata
Use Metadata Reports

Lesson 16. Data Quality Management


Connecting to SAP Applications
ABAP data Flow processing Using Dataservices
IDoc interface connectivity Using Dataservices
SAP Application table source in real jobs using Dataservices
Executing Batch jobs that contain ABAP Dataflows
Connecting to SAP Net weaver Business warehouse
Using Dataservices in SAP NW BW environments
Sefining SAP Net Weaver BW Datastores Using Dataservices
Loading into SAP NW BW Using Dataservices

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