RESTful and SOAP-Based Web Services with Java


DELIVERY METHOD Classroom Instructor-led training (CILT)
Online Instructor-led training (OILT)

Prerequisites Knowledge of HTTP request and HTTP response;
Knowledge of JSON
Knowledge on XML and Java Script
Java and j2ee (servlet and JSP).

RESTful and SOAP-Based Web Services Training overview

Section 1 Overview of Web Services

Section 2. Introduction to Web Services

Section 3. Working with JAX-WS

Section 4. Binding HTTP Methods

Section 5. JAX-RS Injection

Section 6. Web Services for Java EE

Section 7. The Java API for XML Binding

Section 8. Introduction to SOAP Web Services

Section 9. SOAP via Java Libraries

Section 9.SOAP using Axis2

Section 10.SOAP with CXF

Section 11.Web Services Description Language

Section 12.WSDL-to-Java Development

Section 13. Client-Side Development

Section 14. Java-to-WSDL Development

Section 15. Exception Handling

Section 16. JAX-WS Best Practices

Section 17. Metadata

Section 18. Provider and Dispatch APIs

Section 19. The SOAP with Attachments API for Java

Section 20. Message Handlers

Section 21. Handling Binary Content

Section 22. Understanding RESTful Web Services

Section 23. The Restlet Web Framework