DELIVERY METHOD Classroom Instructor-led training (CILT)
Online Instructor-led training ( OILT)

COURSE OVERVIEW This Android app development course is the starting point for students who wants to create great Android apps. Students will learn about the fundamentals of Android app development along with its architecture
  • Candidate should have basic programming languages, JAVA recommended.
  • Candidate should have bachelor degree or college diploma
  • Candidate should either have past working experience in business, information technology, logistics, engineering, finance, health care, banking and insurance domains or is currently working in these domains.
  • Candidate should have good communication and writing skills.


• Android Overview

• History of Android

• Android Versions & Levels

• Why Android is important?

• Key features of Android

• Android Project Flow

• Getting started with Android

• Overview of the Stack

• Linux Kernel

• Native Libraries

• Andriod Runtime

• Dalvik Virtual Machine

• Application Framework

• Application Fundamentals

• Java & JDK

• Eclipse IDE Helios & Indigo

• Android SDK

• Eclipse ADT Plugin

• Creating Android Virtual Device

• Different type of Skins

• Developing an Android Application

• Activity Lifecycle

• Intents

• Linking Activities using Intents

• Passing Data using an Intent

• Returning data from Activity

• Calling Built-in Applications using Intent

• Implicit Intents

• Resources in an Android Application

• Grouping . accessing of Resources

• Permissions

• Debugging in Android Applications

• Dalvik Debug Monitor server – DDMS

• How DDMS interacts with a Debugger

• Using DDMS

• LogCat

• Hierarchy Viewer

• View Hierarchy

• How Android draws Views ?

• Common Layout Objects

• FrameLayout

• LinearLayout

• TableLayout

• RelativeLayout

• AbsoluteLayout

• Scroll View

• Text Controls

• Button Controls

• Other Common UI Components

• Handling User interaction Events

• Activities

• Services

• Content Providers

• Broadcast Receivers

• Frame by Frame Animations

• Tween Animations

• Programmatically creating Animations

• Drawing Graphics in Android

• Drawing with XML

• Canvas Drawing

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