iOS Programming Course


DELIVERY METHOD Classroom Instructor-led training (CILT)
Online Instructor-led training ( OILT)

COURSE OVERVIEW This iOS app development course is the starting point for students who wants to create great iphone apps. Students will learn about the fundamentals of iOS app development along with its architecture.
  • Candidate should have Experience using basic programming languages C and C++ recommended.
  • Candidate should have bachelor degree or college diploma
  • Candidate should either have past working experience in business, information technology, logistics, engineering, finance, health care, banking and insurance domains or is currently working in these domains.
  • Candidate should have good communication and writing skills.


• The Software Development Kit(SDK)

• Objective-C

• Frame works

• Cocoa TouchFoundation Framework

• The iPhone Frameworks

• Objective-C Classes and Objects

• The @interface and @implementation

• Compiler Directives

• Method Declaration and Definition

• Nested Arguments

• Class and Instance Methods

• The alloc and init Methods

• Managing Memory Using Retain and Release

• Properties, Retain,Assign, Copy

• Multi-Argument Messages

• Understanding the id Variable type

• Categories & Protocols

• The UIView Class

• The UIViewController Class

• View-based Application Template

• Iboutlet and IBAction

• Using a View-based Application Template

• Buttons

• Text Fields

• Labels

• Sliders

• Progress

• Switch

• Web View

• Image View

• Segmented Control

• Date picker

• Picker

• Alerts & Action Sheets

• Page Controller

• Adding a UIView and UIViewController to a UIApplicationDelegate

• Connecting UIWindow , UIApplication,UIApplicationDelegate

• Exploring MainWindow.xib

• UIApplication and UIApplicationDelegate

• The main.m file

• Handling Application Life Cycle Events

• UINavigationBar UINavigationController, and UINavigationItem

• Building a Three-View Application using a Navigation Bar

• Adding Another View

• More on the UINavigationController

• Pushing and Popping

• Using a Navigation Controller in a Tab

• NSString, NSObject NSArray NSMutable Array

• NSDictionary, NSMutable Dictionary

• Other etc important classes

• UITableView

• UITableViewDataSource

• UITableViewDelegate

• Adopting the UITableViewDelegate

• UITableViewCell

• UITableViewController

• NSURL Class

• NSURL Request Class

• NSURL Connection Class

• Synchronous and Asynchronous process

• Core Data in brief

• Creating Core Data Model

• Entites,Attributes,Relationships

• Generating NSManaged Object

• Adding Objects

• Saving Changes

• Fetching Entities

• Deleting Entities

• UITabBar, UITabBarController,UITabBarItem, and UITabBarControllerDelegate

• Using the Tab Bar Application Template

• Adding a Tab Bar Item to a Tab Bar Application

• Allowing Users to Customize a Tab Bar

• Parsing Techniques

• NSXMLParser class

• NSXMLParserDelegate methods

• Framework Linking

• Barchart, PieChart, Line Graph

• CLLocation, CLLocationCoordinate2D classes
• Pointing A Location
• Adding Annotations

• Creating DataBase Using simple firefox

• SQLite Manager

• SQL Database Manipulations

• Opening the DataBase

• Statements, Preparing Statements,

• executing Statements

• Select

• Playing Sounds

• AVAudio Player, AVAudioPlayerDelegate

• Media Player Framework

• MPMovieplayer Controller

• Framework Linking

• Posting Messages

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