DELIVERY METHOD Classroom Instructor-led training (CILT)
Online Instructor-led training ( OILT)

COURSE OVERVIEW Non-Vocational Certification Program.Global ERP Solutions provides training on SAP CO.Understand the business concepts and methods involved in Management Accounting (Controlling) in the SAP system Become familiar with cost and activity allocation methods Learn how Management Accounting (Controlling) is integrated internally and with other modules in the SAP ERP system


  • Project managers and project team members
  • Employees responsible for implementing Controlling
  • Employees wanting to gain an overview of Controlling and its internal and external integration
  • Candidate should have bachelor degree or college diploma
  • Candidate should either have past working experience in business, information technology, logistics, engineering,finance,human resource, banking and insurance domains or is currently working in these domains.
  • Candidate should have good communication and writing skills



SAP Certification Preparation Training
The SAP Certification Preparation Training provides addition skills to persons already qualified and employed in the related occupation for the purpose of professional development / professional upgrading.

- Analyses and error handling


- BOM and task list determination

- Cost component split

- Costing variant

- Create costing run

- Overhead costing sheet

- Price update

- Routing

- Account assignment help

- Accrual calculation

- Adjustment postings

- Assessment

- Direct activity allocation

- Distribution

- Integrated plan allocation cycle

- Introduction to planning in Management Accounting

- Master data cost elements, cost centers, activity types and stat

- Organizational units

- Periodic reposting

- Planning methods in cost center planning

- Profit center assignment

- Profit center master data

- Reconciliation ledger

- Recording primary postings

- Decoupling scenarios

- Period-end closing for periodic Controlling

- Preliminary costing on cost object

- Product cost collector

- Simultaneous costing on cost object

- Cost objects with order view

- Period-end closing with order Controlling

- Preliminary costing of cost objects

- Simultaneous costing

- Delivery and billing documents

- Period-end closed with product cost by sales order

- Preliminary costing of sales order

- Sales order as cost object

- Simultaneous costing of sales order

- Base object costing and simulation costing

- Material master - fields relevant to costing

- Multiple-level unit costing

- Single-level unit costing

- Billing for overhead cost orders

- Budgeting and availability control

- Commitments management

- Master data maintenance

- Overhead rates on overhead cost orders

- Real and statistical orders

- Status management for overhead cost orders

- Transaction-based posting within and outside Management Accounting

- Assessment of cost center costs

- Billing for orders

- Characteristic derivation

- Characteristics and value fields

- Structures of Profitability Analysis

- Transaction data tables

- Transfer billing data

- Valuation

- Transfer control

- Management empowered by mySAP ERP

- Management empowered by mySAP ERP Financials

- SAP Navigation

Overview SAP Solution Manager

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"Provided real-time scenarios and also provided end to end implementation on SAP CO. Globalerp solutions is very good institute provided good SAP CO training. Also provided placement opportunities in SAP companies. Thanks a lot...."


"Best faculty you can ever get. Provided all real-time scenarios and also taught full SAP CO end to end implementation."


"I have joined SAP CO course In Globalerp solution..faculties is Very Good Explaining way of Teaching,"