ETL Testing

DELIVERY METHOD Classroom Instructor-led training (CILT)
Online Instructor-led training ( OILT)

    Data warehousing and Business intelligence

    The Dimensional Model

    Oracle OLAP

    Data warehouses and data marts

    Data warehouse development approaches and terminology

    Business, Logical, Dimensional and Physical Modeling

    The ETL Process: Extracting the data

    Extraction Methods

    Change Data Capture

    Possible ETL failures

    Maintaining ETL quality

    The ETL Process: Transforming the data

    Transformation and available staging models

    Identifying and eliminating data anomalies

    Importance of the quality data

    Transformation: Problems and Solutions

    MERGE and multiple INSERT SQL statement in Transformation

    The ETL Process: Loading the data

    Transportation in a Data warehouse

    Data refresh models

    Data Granularity

    Post processing of the Loaded data

    Steps for verifying the data integrity

    Standard quality assurance checks.

    Introduction to Software Testing and Quality

    Software Life Cycle Stages

    Software Development Models

    ETL Testing Techniques โ€“ Static Testing , Dynamic Testing , Black Box Testing, White Box Testing

    Software Quality Assurance Standards โ€“ CMMI Model and SIX SIGMA

    Test Planning, Test Design and Test Execution

    Test measurement Techniques and Metrics Collection

    Defect Management

    Defect Severities and Priorities

    Defect management and defect resolution process

    User Acceptance Testing

    Testing Terminologies

    Introduction to Database and Rational Database Management System

    DML Commands โ€“ ( Insert, Select, Update , Delete)

    DDL Commands- ( Create, Use, Alter, Drop)

    Sub queries ,Joins and Unions

    Simple and Complex SQL- queries

    Other DB Utilities Toad, SQL Navigator etc

    Database role in application development

    UNIX- Operating System

Flavors of UNIX and difference between them

Environment Variables in Unix

How to install Application in Unix

what is .profile and Env variable files and how to modify them MAN Page world

Understanding scripts in Unix

File systems and Space management

Understanding of compiling code using MAKE file

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