DELIVERY METHOD Classroom Instructor-led training (CILT)
Online Instructor-led training ( OILT)

COURSE OVERVIEW LoadRunner is an automated load testing tool that allows you to test your application before, during, and after deployment. This course is designed to give you a firm foundation in basic load testing tasks. You will create and run load test scenarios using the Controller. This course introduces students to LoadRunner. The course covers topics for VuGen, the Controller. The Virtual User Generator (VuGen) is a scripting tool used to record and run user actions on the application to be load tested. This course focuses on planning, creating, and enhancing Virtual User (Vuser) scripts using VuGen in the Web environment. The Analysis is used to analyze load test results. You will learn to work with the graphs to display data after a test is run.
PREREQUISITES Knowledge of Software Testing



Whoever have manual testing experience or knowledge of software testing


SOFTWARE Load Runner

1. Performance Test Automation with LoadRunner

• What is Performance Testing?

• Introduction to LoadRunner

• Performance Test Process

• LoadRunner Components

• Load Testing Process

• Building Scripts

• Analyze the Result

• LoadRunner Controller

• Running Load Tests

• Generating reports

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