Selenium Beginner level



DELIVERY METHOD Classroom Instructor-led training (CILT)
Online Instructor-led training ( OILT)
COURSE OVERVIEW This course will give you a good understanding of selenium WebDriver, different modules and prepare you for writing automation tests in selenium

Software Testers,Automation testers,QA engineers,Test leads/managers,Experienced professionals from IT or Non-IT background having basic knowledge of software testing and wants to explore automation testing skills,Those who want to learn automation testing process and frameworks

Module 1:Selenium Introduction
What is Selenium and Why Selenium
Selenium Components
Introduction of selenium Components

Module 2:Java for QA
Class, Object ,variables, methods, Packages
Conditions and loops
Class Constructors
Functions in Java
Function Input Parameters
Function Return Types

Module 3: Setup Eclipse IDE
Setup Java environment –
Download JDK
Setup eclipse
Create a First Java test case
Import WebDriver Source file

Module 4:WebDriver Interface
Selenium WebDriver Introduction
Download and Configure WebDriver with Eclipse
Simple Testcase
Open and Close Browser
Cross Browser Testing – Firefox, IE ,Chrome, HtmlUnitDriver
Browser & Navigation Commands
WebElement Commands

Module 5:Locators
What are locators
HTML Basics
HTML language tags and attributes
ID, Name, Xpath, CSS etc
Difference between Absolute & Complete Xpath
Finding your first element
WebElement Commands

Module 6:Element Identification
Element Inspector in Mozilla, Chrome and IE
Element locator tool for FF
FireBug & FirePath Add-Ons in Mozilla
Various HTML locator strategies
XPath Helper Plug-in for Chrome
Selection of Effective XPath

Module 7:Sample programs in webdriver
Tables, Checkboxes & Radio buttons
Launching different browsers using WebDriver
Selenium Waits, Alert & Switch Windows
Action Class
Auto IT
Browser Profile

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