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The changes that are happening all across the web has by default made Selenium as a standard for web testing. Selenium testing professionals have observed a job hike of 300% over the past few years. The future of Selenium looks way different than it did a year back.

what is Selenium?
Selenium is an open source automation testing tool for automating web based applications. It can only automate web based applications . It works on multiple browsers and multiple operating systems . Being open source and very strong in nature, demand for this tool is increasing.

Why companies prefer Selenium ?
There are various reasons why the future of Selenium looks quite promising. Every organization is looking forward to optimize the feel, look as well as performance of the apps in order to deliver an impressive user experience. In this regard, Selenium testing is perfect. Other reasons are as following:

-Free and open source
-OS and Web Browser support
-Selenium IDE comes to rescue
-Selenese – the programming language
-Proper support and documentation

Benefits of Selenium
Open source - Works on multiple browsers Mozilla, Chrome, IE, Opera, Safari
Works on multiple Operating Systems
Supports many languages like HTML,Java,php,perl,pyton,ruby.
Tests Ajax Applications
Tests Flash Applicatons
Can do Database Testing
Multiple test frameworks are supported
Can be used for Functional and UI testing Selenium has become one of the preferred choice for Web and mobile automation
It is very flexible when compared to QTP and other functional tools,because it supports multiple languages.
Disadvantages of QTP Runs only in Ms windows surroundings. Cannot test with all web browser types and editions High certification and add-inns costs.while selenium runs multiple operating system like windows,Linux,Mac.

Why should I migrate to Selenium?
QTP was designed to test one application at a time on a single machine.
Selenium can run code on one machine and test the application on remote machine
Selenium is cloud ready while QTP is not
Same hardware can generate more execution power in Selenium compared to QTP
Selenium supports more browsers and more languages
Selenium multiple language choice makes it easy to integrate into development
environment and do continuous integration

Who can Learn:
There are many advantages of learning Selenium, especially if you are looking to enhance your career options in the testing industry. This holds especially true for the IT industry. If you are a web application tester and are still using manual testing, Selenium will change your career dramatically
Pre-requisites: Manual testing

This is a perfect course for those who are:
Software Testers who wants to start with automation testing
Software Testers who wants to get an automation testing job
Automation testers who wants to upgrade their skills
QA engineers
Test leads/managers
Experienced professionals from IT or Non-IT background having basic knowledge of software testing and wants to explore automation testing skills.
Those who want to learn automation testing process and frameworks

Course Schedule
Candidates who have some knowledge in programming (Java , C# , Python , Ruby , Perl) and wish to progress in their career can join our new batch of Selenium which is starting soon at our Montreal location.

Interested candidates please Email to
Venue : 279 Rue Sherbrooke O,Suite 209 H2X 1Y2 Montreal, QC