Corporate Training

Corporate Training

Globalerp solutions Corporate and International Training has the programs and instructors that will give your employees the hands-on training they need to feel comfortable with their new skills and new technologies.

Our instructors

We have excellent team of certified professional to work on various technologies like Software testing, oracle, Vmware, Dot Net. Also we have efficient equipments and Software as a Service to support them.

We are proud to have team of experts who have in depth knowledge in all mentioned technologies. Moreover, being technology partners with these technologies, we have direct access on all technical developments and updates.

Our instructors teach your employees to solve problems and think analytically.

Our Industry partnerships

Over the years Global ERP Solutions has maintained a very good reputation in dealing with companies and organizations of all sizes working in different industries and residing in different countries. In an effort to demonstrate the confidence others hold in our services, we are proud to provide this selected list of GES clients for your information.

Our clients come from different sectors of the economy, different industries and geographic regions but all of them share these traits: they expect best IT solutions integral to their business needs that help them win with their competitors and allow them to bask in success. We enjoy working with them a lot.


our client list


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